Why Sinha’s

Sinhas signature apartments

Signature apartments

Each of our units are ‘signature’ apartment, unique for its comfort, decor and ambience.

Each apartment is equipped and furnished with high quality 101 + items to ensure the real ‘home away from home’ experience.

We provide you with high quality home furnishing, appliances and accessories. Even small household accessories such as table mats, coasters, dining sets, cutleries and tea strainers, rice an pressure cooker etc are available for our guests.

So, just walk in with your hand bag and enjoy!


We care and share

Some people look for a beautiful home. We make a home beautiful.

All our apartments are comfortably furnished and tastefully done. We source our handicrafts from the artisans directly. Each piece is unique –  environment friendly, ‘handcrafted naturally’, ‘produced ethically’,  and ‘curated lovingly’. 

At Sinha’s, we share because we care. We give back to our extended community every step of the way, now and ever. 

Decorate home with handcrafts
Documents to book an apartment

Ease of doing business

We trust you and your documents like no one else! You get the apartments with minimum hassles and your rent contract is  ready within minutes. We just need three documents and you have all our confidence and assurances!

Value for money

Business and corporate travellers, general and medical tourists, artists and other professionals, you pay up to 1/4th of the price of a standard 15 m² hotel and get up to four times bigger apartments. You could save your boarding cost by up to 75%.

Get budget apartment
Guests are ´God´ for us

अतिथि देवो भव

Guests are ´God´ for us. ´Atithi Devo Bhava´ as we say in Sanskrit. It is our privilege & endeavour to offer you a ‘home-away-from-home’ experience and cherish your ´divine´ presence in our ´humble´ home!

Most efficient one

Once you accept our terms and conditions, we just need three documents and within minutes you can have the rent contract in your in your mail box or WhatsApp.

Smart work to book apartment
support expats for all their accommodation needs

All under one roof

We are trying to support expats for all their accommodation needs and other value added services – furniture renting, insurance, tax consulting, furniture disposal and general guidance about life in general in Switzerland.

Welcome to Switzerland

All first time expats to Switzerland are welcome to have one hour of free consulting plus welcome kit if they register with us within a week of their arrival.

For new comers one hour of free consulting plus welcome kit
Expats living in Switzerland

For all

We have wide range of properties catering to the all segments of Expats living in Switzerland – tourists, professionals with long or short term stays as well as, medical tourists and students.

Global village

We believe in the philosophy ´the world is one family´ (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) and ´the global village´. We have guests from all over the world and we try to cater to the needs of all the culture and traditions of global citizens. All are welcome at Sinha’s !

Welcome guests from all over the world

Zero carbon footprint

Ever since the start of our business and much before the Corona crisis, we ensured minimal human contact and almost zero carbon foot print in our service model.

Covid cleaning

We have introduced `Covid cleaning` by introducing steam cleaning for wet areas and cleaning with disinfectant for all touch points in the apartment. 

Best price & service assured

Wherever there is a comparison between `apple` and `apple`, we assure you the best price and service in this segment of hospitality. Our numerous guests from all over the world testify this.